Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hats That Are Warm and Snug!

I just finished 2 hats this afternoon. The design is inspired by knitting pure and simple. I used Lambs Pride 100% wool from Mitchell, Nebraska along with a 100% cotton rim on the hat with the rolled edge. I love the warmth of a wool hat, but the cotton band near my skin prevents unnecessary itching! The wool is easy to knit with. I used size 7 double points along with a 16" circular needle for the hat with the multi colored rolled edge and size 10 circular needle and double points for the other hat. The hats will be great for snowshoeing in our snowy, woodland property!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pink and Flashy!

I just finished a couple of children's hats based on the pattern Knitting Pure and Simple. I made a couple of changes to the ribbed cap. The yarn is a wiry, pink yarn that has multiple variations of pink and other bright colors. I thought that it might be a nice way to dress off the cap.

In the background you see a sample of a bed quilt that my great grandmother made with her sisters, really wonderful. The case in the photograph is a design created and made by my dear friend, Cindy known as the fussycutter! Go to her website to see more of her designs and creations.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hats, Caps and Mittens!

The idea for the photograph was based on a story called, "Caps For Sale" by, Esphyr Slobodkina. In the story a group of clever monkeys take the merchants caps, wear them and then hang out high in a tree. Since I have no monkeys, I improvised and used the branches! Only 8 more to go!
My original goal was to have 18 knit hats for my 18 Kindergarten children for the holidays, then I changed my goal to Valentine's Day! However, I have yet to reach my goal! So I have 9 more hats to go! I hope to have them for my students before spring! I am using variety of patterns and styles. Some of the hats have a slight rolled edge, while others are ribbed. One of my favorite styles is the pink hat as it is Knit 2 ,Purl 2 for the entire hat. The pattern is simple and easy to fit.

Special thanks to my husband extraordinaire! He is my photographer!

What do you do to keep all your hair out of your face?

I have very thick, natural curly hair. As a child and teenager I always hated my hair as I felt it wasn't "like everybody else". Long, shiny, smooth, etc. Little did I know how lucky I was to have such great hair! Besides being so easy to care for, I have been designing and creating headbands lately. This one is easy to make and just tie off!